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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hunting for Caterpillar in Empire Update

We have been very busy planning and pulling weeds in our school garden. We decided as a class to create a butterfly waystation for California Native butterflies and migrating West Coast Monarchs. It has taken a lot of sweat and hard work to make it happen. Since our garden is organic our main method for weed removal is human power. You would think with 32 people working it would be an easy task....but it is still a lot of work when you do it all by hand. We started a new blog for the Butterfly Waystation and hope to keep it maintained with what we are planting and what we are seeing in the garden. One half of the garden is being converted to a native plant butterfly waystation and the other half is a mixture of vegetables and flowers that attract butterflies and other pollinators. Here is the blogs address: http://butterflywaystation.blogspot.com/